JT-250 is designed to successfully operate in harsh conditions to resist external damage sources. JT250 has internal and external GPS & GSM antenna.

Easily installation anywhere in the vehicle and it has internal backup battery to keep device working in case of main power supply cut off.

The internal memory of JT250 can keep the data in case of no GPRS  connection where all saved data send back to server once the connection back .

JT250 standard GPS tracker for vehicle tracking can successfully operate in harsh conditions

Key Features

  • Suitable for all kind of vehicles trucks and heavy machines
  • Real-time data from GPS vis GPRS
  • Packet data TCP/IP, UDP & SMS
  • External GPS/GSM antenna
  • High Sensitive GPS engine
  • Low power consummation
  • Over-speed alarm.
  • Harsh acceleration , harsh breaking
  •  Main power on/off alarm
  • ACC detection
  •  SOS panic bottom
  •  Support Door Sensor.
  • Geo-fences (circular, polygon, rectangular)
  • Remotely control fuel (with relay).
  • Support two way voice call
  • Certifications FCC ,CE, Rosh



Operating:-30 to +70 °C 

Storage: -30 to +75 °C

Power supply range

9 ÷ 36 V DC

Internal battery

LiPo 3.7 V 750 mAh  Battery short circuit protection


Modem: Quectel M95  Antenna: external

Frequency band : :850/900/1800/1900 MHz

 (GPS,  module

Modem: UBLOX 1612 Antenna: External

Frequency: 1575.42 MHz (GPS)

Channels: 50 tracking

  Autonomous positioning: 2.5m
  Assisted positioning: 2m

Acquisition sensitivity:       -146 dBm

Tracking sensitivity: -160 dBm Cold start time: 32s [average]
Warm start time: 32s [average]
Hot start time: 1s

Digital inputs (DIN)

4 digital inputs

Digital outputs (DOUT)

2 digital output

Digital Analogue 
1 Digital Analogue; 1 wire for Temp. sensor and 1 analogue for Fuel sensor. 

Internal storage

2 MB (max. 15000 records)


E-mark, CE, FCc

JT 250 .pdf