JT-150 is  simple and low cost  GPS tracker designed for normal  vehicles with internal GPS & GSM antenna.

Small and Easily installation anywhere in the vehicle and it has internal backup battery to keep device working in case of main power supply cut off.

2 digital inputs 1 digital outputs gives all basic tracking function .

Key Features

  • Suitable for all normal vehicle 
  • small easy to install 
  • Real-time data from GPS vis GPRS
  • Packet data TCP/IP, UDP & SMS
  • internal GPS/GSM antenna
  • reliable GPS engine
  • Low power consummation
  • Over-speed alarm.
  •  Main power on/off alarm
  • ACC detection
  •  SOS panic bottom
  • Geo-fences (circular, polygon, rectangular)
  • Remotely control fuel (with relay).
  • Certifications FCC ,CE, Rosh



Operating:--20 to +70 °C 

Storage: -20 to +75 °C

Power supply range

9 ÷ 40 V DC

Internal battery

LiPo 3.7 V 200 mAh  Battery short circuit protection



Frequency band : :850/900/1800/1900 MHz

 (GPS,  module

Modem: UBLOX 7020 Antenna: internal 

Acquisition sensitivity:       -144 dBm

Tracking sensitivity: -159 dBm Cold start time: 32s [average]
Warm start time: 30s [average]
Hot start time: 1s

Digital inputs (DIN)

 2 digital inputs

Digital outputs (DOUT)

 1 digital output


E-mark, CE, FCc

JT-150 Product Catalog.pdf